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Why Do Girls Like The Color Pink?

Monday, August 20th, 2007...12:52 pm

Why Do Girls Like The Color Pink?

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Pink Girl

Have you ever wondered why girls are attracted to the color pink?

According to a Time article it may be due to biological programming. Now maybe scientists can move onto the more pressing issue of explaining why some guys choose to embarrass themselves by wearing pink clothes.

According to a new study in the Aug. 21 issue of Current Biology women may be biologically programmed to prefer the color pink — or, at least, redder shades of blue — more than men.

On average, the study found, all people generally prefer blue, something researchers have long known. The study also found that while both men and women liked blue, women tended to pick redder shades of blue — reddish-purple hues — while men preferred blue-green.


  • I’m not sure about this, I have always hated pink, but then I do really like lilac so I guess that fits with the redder shade of blue thing?

  • I’ve got news for them. Red shades of blue are not pink. They’re called purple.
    Are schools so poor that it’s time to educate the scientists they put out?

  • Interesting bit of science which makes me wonder how this might relate to site design and color palette choices…

  • _Real_ men wear any *dang* color they want, including pink . . . if that’s what they want.

  • interesting topic here. i’ve always preferred blue or red. pink is not so bad, my kids love it =)

  • Thats an interesting point. I too have wondered why they are attracted to pink.

  • I think it’s more social than scientific. I read that historically(at what point in history I don’t know), school uniforms for boys had always been blue. Wanting to give girls what they thought was blue’s opposite color (which is actually orange, but ah well) and deciding red was too bold for little girls (who they wanted to teach modesty) they decided on pink. And it just stuck.

  • I have always preferred the colour blue from a very young age and my preference has rarely changed.

  • I like all the shades and hues of pink and blue.

    By the way… a man need not be embarrassed by wearing a pink shirt. If women, in general, are attracted to pink then he would be particularly attractive.

  • pink is really nice!

  • you know guys my friends and I is so fanatic with the color pink! its just a very nice color it suggest femininity………

  • Do you wear Pink?

  • That study sound like pure rubbish. IMAO

    Most color preferences are due to eye color. That has been proven scientifically…not through polls.

    Polls are inherently flawed, due the the way questions can be phrased.

  • I had some sarcasm when I posted this as a news item - something about how any lackwit could garner funding for a ’science’ scam. The ’study’ did claim that the preference crossed cultural barriers.
    Another oddity about pink comes to mind : there is supposedly one particular shade that acts to deflect male aggression as a visual cue.

  • Salmon Pink is nice this time of year along with Autumn Red as a color coordinate arrangement.

    I think I know which shade you are describing for the male suppression.

  • Does it mean that women will really like my new directory of SuperMegaSites which I can say PINK for 90%)))

  • i like pink, but i dont really love it love it :)
    sometimes, it makes me feel like a real woman when im wearing pink undies or a nice pink dress :)

    i love black a lot.. (it makes me looks skinny hehe)

  • I definitely like pink. ;-)

  • wow!!!!!!!!! pink is awesome. I wish everything in this world will become pink. I really love pink but I don’t know why!! CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY?

  • well hmm this question came into my mind while chatting with a female friend….n i see generally most of the women n girls like pink…….whats exactly hidden behind it???? is it some kind of just a social behavior…nopes…..there must be some connection for sure with the scientific aspects of genetic codes that make us how and what we are……are there any specific jeans which make us like or dislike something??? if yes… do most of the women have the same genetic characters with respect to liking pink as a colour of choice….????

  • i hate pink because it just macks me whant to puck in every way, but my friend madison loves pink and she said to me “i will like pink untill i die!!” and thats my story!!

  • i learned in an art class that females generally prefer warm colors like reds, oranges, pinks and violet while males prefer cool colors like blues, indigo and greens. so i do agree with the findings to a certain extent. i think that most girls like pink because of environmental influences like the pink power ranger, pink baby clothes, pink barbie doll packaging, pink victoria’s secret bag, etc. So people have grown up associating pink with girly, cute etc. For girls who hate pink, i think it’s because they don’t either want to follow the crowd or the words cute, girly and giggles just don’t fit their personality at all. Besides “girls like pink” is just a stereotype, it’s definitely very common but i don’t think the article is saying that all girls like pink. They’re only saying that many girls do prefer it because they’re “biologically programmed”. I’m taking that to mean both in genes and outside environmental factors from childhood but more of outside factors than genes.

  • I like what Robin Said the more pink a guy wears the more attracted girls are going to be to him! Scientifically Speaking of course! :)

  • This whole study is fake! Why on earth would color preference have anything to do with your gender. This article is very offending. What it’s really saying is women can’t make a decision for themselves? That were programed. Why don’t you just say that no one is in control of their own lives. Do you see how stupid that question really is. Yet another example of sexism especially since nothing was mentioned about why men would like blue’s better. I rest my case and maybe next time a scientist could do research on something truly important such as cancer research..

  • I can’t forget a comment from the show ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ where they commented on a male model who was wearing a pastel pink sports shirt. ” You are confident of your masculinity such that you don’t mind wearing pink”. That male model simply said yes he is. Well, I totally agree!

  • I thinks its not true ,that most girl like pink..
    since most women like shopping but
    we cannot find most of the cloth or things at shope
    in pink color.

  • Not true! I don’t like pink, most girls do though. I think it’s because they see it as a cute color and if one of their friends say that they do, most likely they will want to get popular so they say they like pink too. Boys want to show off to their friends by wearing a “tough guys wear pink” shirt. Then whoever wears it will stand out to people. Thats my PERSONAL OPINION!

  • i dont like pink at all ….. i like green and orange . i dont care if i ‘m boy. but the pink maybe will be dull!!!!! also it my opinion!!!@@##$%%

  • I disagree. I am a guy and I like pink. This study is crap.

  • Maybe the scientist should travel to a dense jungle and show blue and pink to native girls and see what they say, that would be interesting. Although it could get grief like the burger challege. (was that bk?)

  • G, Yes it was

  • I hated pink when I was a little girl. I also hated “baby blue”, rr blues in general. My favorite colors have always been Red and Yellow (certain shades) . I have grown to like pink over the years. But I still down’t paricularly like blue. Especially when it comes to decore. I guess I was always different.

  • pink is a damn good color which every female likes…..coz its sooooo feminine and it rely attracts guys’ eyes…

  • I think that girls like pink because usually barbies and Bratz are wearing it & boys dont like pink cause People say it’s a Girls color so boys don’t like it. Usually Pink is a girly color.

  • pink is an official colour for all ladies unless you see a guy in a pinky thinigy. ueeew.

  • Just to give you something to think about, until the end of WWII Pink was considered the color for boys and blue was for girls. No, really; I just had to look this up after seeing this.

    It was quoted in the Times in 1905 and Parents magazine in 1939. It appears to have started about the 1890s with the idea that pink, being an offshoot of red, was a more firey and bold color better fiting to a boy. Blue was attributed to girls based on the virgin Mary.

    There are a few ideas of why the switch, from NAZI concentration camps using pink patches to denote homesexuals to all the men in blue from service in the Navy. I don’t make this stuff up, just read it and regurgitate.

  • I’m a girl, and I do not like pink, or at least don’t prefer it…..I also don’t like blue…but I love greens in any hue…and I also like blue-green???? Is there something wrong with me?

  • some scientists say that pink has a calming effect…certain hues or degrees of pink color were actually used in test situations at psychiatric hospitals..the rooms were painted that color to see if it would effectively calm males.if there is any fact to that spec, then why not paint all the ”prison walls ”with the color?… henceforth we would possibly see less violence in the corrections system… then.. paint the highschool students wont become violent and injure themselves/others… ”laughing at all the science that i am ”blinded by”..

  • Pink is very seductive and sexy,its the colour of pussy. I love it,when I see it I think of Pink-the singer,the Pink Panther and Pink flowers. Women love it, Pink Lingerie,Pink is cool and has a calming effect on people. It is very passionate too like myself. Captain Karl Reschke,U.S. Marine Corps.

  • I freakin love the color pink! In my book it’s the best color ever, along with green, black, and gold! yeppers! But I totally think pink it a hott! Color, For girls mainly. My boyfriend hates the color pink and wont dare wear anything pink or anything that has just a little tiny bit of pink in it. Lol but it’s ok I ain’t gonna get all butt hurt about the situation it’s really not that serious!

  • Sigh… Does the Law of Association mean nothing anymore? Women like pink more because they were trained that way. Men only wear pink to try to reel in women. It’s a way of showing how masculine you are if you are comfortable with your sexuality. Another way to show just how “manly” you are which is a crock of shit. Fortunately, most of you here, can rise above our biological perceptions and be your own individuals without being chained by bias caused by the Law of Association. This is aboslutely ridiculous, just ridiculous. How do these scientists know that biological perceptions are not influenced by social psychological factors? I am not a social psychologist by the way, ironically, I am a biological engineer, but even I have respect for sociology’s place in humanity and our existence.

  • You know what would calm males down? Teaching them to have respect and consideration for other human beings. It’s not hard, most males are insecure because they have been BRAINWASHED into believing what it means to be a “man”. This is a sad state of affairs. Our country needs an authority figure soon to put his or her foot down against this utter, complete bullshit. I don’t know what it means to be a man because that truth has been twisted horribly. All I know though, is how to be a human being, to seek the truth, and dispense any justice and provide balance to the people around me. Ultimately preserving the beauty our human lives result.

  • its the matter of choice on the color you like and it doesnt mean all galz go for pink!!!!! though its not bad anyway!!!!!

  • Actually… now that I read most of your responses, most of you are morons.

  • 16 months along and the obvious is stated. A ‘puff piece’ does not solicit intellectual analysis. Why would you in particular expect it ?


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