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MyBlogLog and the advantages of being a girl

Thursday, March 1st, 2007...6:47 am

MyBlogLog and the advantages of being a girl

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I’m a sucker for a pretty face. I can’t help it. So when I’m exploring MyBlogLog and I see a pretty face I click on it. It’s just instinct. Inevitably I will go and check out their blog. I’m interested in what pretty girls have to say. I’m a guy, it’s genetic.

Everyone has seen similar behaviour in the real world. Ever worked in an office with a attractive girl who wasn’t particular good at her job? Notice how quickly the guys would come to her aid and pick up the slack? Guy’s gravitate towards beauty. And girls will take advantage of it. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

What I find amusing is the amount of profiles on MyBlogLog that tack on a girls face just to get some exposure. I suppose it works too. Not that long ago Shoemoney and Marketing Pilgrim faced off to see who could get more members to join their community. Shoemoney had a picture of one of his employees Nicole on his page, and Marketing Pilgrim was giving away a free Zune to a random member. Shoemoney looks to have won that one, but considering it was a Zune that was being given away I’d say it’s a little inconclusive.

It’s easy to spot when someones trying to get some traffic. If their picture looks like a centrefold model or their blog is about seo, marketing, money making, etc then chances are they are baiting. But guys will keep clicking on those pretty faces.

What I’d love to know is if the reverse is true. Do the ladies see an attractive guy and go check out his page? Probably not.


  • Interesting point there! Since you clicked and visited my blog, i assume it wasn’t because of the pretty girls face :)

    Still i’m glad i found your blog, many interesting posts! Keep it up! I subscribed to your rss feed!

  • Thanks for subscribing. Maybe we should all try adding girls faces to our profiles to see if it gets more traffic. Just as an experiment of course :)

  • Hope my picture is not seen as baiting. This is the real me and it is not even a sexy picture! ;)

    Great blog! Subscription done! :)

  • Sania I didn’t see it as baiting but if your picture was on someone elses blog it would be ;)

  • Well, it looks like you’ve visited my blog as well. Now I’m glad you did! Thank you for the comment. Your post here shows that you are a very sincere man. Rare breed. :)

  • Thanks for the compliment Mihaela. I don’t think I’m old enough to be called a man though :) Young man sounds a little better.

  • Yeah it happens…. I have seen some guys put a cute girl pic instead of their pic so they get some extra hits

  • Well, that’s maybe your fault! How should I know you’re young when I cannot see your face? You know, women and men are not so different. Girls click on pretty faces too. ;) Here you have it! It’s the truth.
    If you are young and so wise and modest I am even happier to have had you as a guest on my blog. I’ll be back!

  • Thanks for visiting my blog. As for your question, in my case, the reverse is true because I consistently gravitate toward beauty, male or female. I wish I weren’t this visually oriented or superficial, but yes, I’ll click on a pretty face (or body) in the avatar regardless of gender.

  • Oops, missed the comments first time around. I’m not sure if the reverse is true. When it comes to blogs, I’m far more interested in content and quality than whether or not its author is attractive. Maybe it all depends on whether or not we’re single. I’m not, so my motivations aren’t to find all the cute boys. ;)

  • Oh I know what you mean about a pretty face gets more attention at work. Rumours are going around where I work about me and a fellow co-worker because of something like this!

    I was told my management to be more careful with what I do and how I do it. People want me to spend as much time with them as I do with her too! Yes shes a cutie, but I’ve looked past that and she is really a good friend now and we both rant to each other about daily things! She helps me, I help her!

    It’s what friends do right? Sorry if people see as me giving her more attention than anyone else. LoL!

  • I agree that content is key but will admit that attractive avatars (like attractive people) tend to draw my mouse clicks more often when I try to do random bloglog selections. And if you have a pseudo-avatar that I think is trying to mislead me and tend not to come back.

  • [...] Further integration of blog content.As it stands at the moment there are 2 ways people find their way to your blog. They either see that you’ve visited their blog or profile, or they notice you on someone elses, and even then half time they just have a quick look at your profile and don’t bother visiting your blog. Now, how many people actually pay attention to the blog headlines that are hidden in a cramped little corner below the message box? Not many I’d wager. Blog content should be front and centre, like at this MyBlogLog clone. Give people a legitimate reason to visit a blog so they don’t have to just rely on a catchy name and a pretty face. [...]

  • Guilty as charged. I’m one of those suckers as well. Not surprisingly I haven’t found a whole lot of interesting blogs using that technique. Saw a lot of pretty pictures though ;)

  • I agree 100% with you. I am on the same boat, and I do it all the times.

  • I just realized that I clicked all the pretty faces in the comments.

    I guess that explains a little bit about me :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way, I could’ve missed your fantastic blog otherwise. You have a new rss subscriber :)

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  • It’s true, girls click on cute guys too - though i’ve been known to follow some of the more amusing gravatars if I’m bored, or there’s a theme, see how far manga can take you across the net, I kid you not, procrastination makes for daft games..

  • Hey Dan how come has a google pagerank of 0? This is clearly nonsense.

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  • Vics sometimes I’ll do anything to avoid doing real work. Looks like I have a new game to play too. :)

    Julian I’m just waiting for the new pagerank update. It should be happening soon actually.

  • Can you imagine if EvHead, Megnut, Kottke and Ben and Mena Trott were ugly? Blogging never would have taken off. It was because we had squeaky clean yuppie faces (granted, straight, white, thin and American) representing that we even have half of this stuff. :p

    I think along with pretty faces - pretty pictures are also good - some people avatars that are one step away from the mortuary. Ugh.

    Sex appeal is always a part of marketing - especially if you are an entrepreneur. I think the only reason my book ever sold was because I had a little show of tricep in my author pic.

    Marketing studies show that men also pay attention to attractive men if not for chemistry but for competition as well (and women are just as competitive). Whether it is our genetics or socialization or both - our DNA is always ‘on the make’ and searching for the next mate, mate! Even in studies of gay men and women there are still factors for genetic ‘fitness’ that even though a pairing wouldn’t produce offspring, you gotta keep the mutants out of the tribe.

    No if anybody can tell me why all these probloggers are shaved head + glasses we might be able to unlock some SEO secrets.

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  • Interesting… had I known that, I would have joined MyBlogLog a long time ago. :-)

  • Interesting…now I am going to go in search of the best photo I can find of me and swap it for my logo - what a great tip from a guy perspective ;-).

  • Sad, but true. I have a friend at MBL that is an attractive girl, yet she just changed her avatar to a bikini clad girl and traffic has gone up.

    This trick has been around for some time. Ilker Yoldas is not even a girl. I guess my problem with it is the misrepresentation.

  • It’s human nature to like nice looking things whether it be a human face, or a gorgeous car or a beautiful place. We are suckers for beauty. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that is if it’s not hurting anybody.

    That said if you see my blog you’ll see in one of my posts, pics of me with my cats testifying to the fact it’s me. Seriously!

    I wonder though if thats the reason I put that particular as my avatar [didn't think of it that way then]. Although its from my oprtfolio so of course its with professional make-up and photography but hey what the heck I like it.
    No motives attached!!!

  • I would say you are playing fair…you are not a guy pretending to be a girl.

  • Peace people

    We love you

  • haha. this made me laugh. i just randomly chose to put one of my own photos, but i don’t think it’s working at all for me. :( shucks.

  • You really put a smile on my face with this post, not to mention forcing me to consider changing my avatar. ;) This is my first visit to your blog and I’m totally picking up your feed. Just curious but do you read CopyBlogger? You’ve got a great handle on titles.

  • Sure do Charity. But this one came before I started reading Copyblogger. :) He’s definetly helped me refine my titles.

  • “MyBlogLog and the advantages of being a girl”

    - Really? I never knew :P

  • Haha. Ilker you were a pioneer. :)

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  • ‘Do women do the same thing?’ Yup, sure do. But usually only when we’re really bored and have the time. :)

  • I am totally agree with you. I saw many man using girl’s picture in their profile and actually got traffic because of that picture.

    To be a successful blogger is not easy as you mentioned, I am on the way to there. I like your writing. Good article and great information.


    Terence Chang

  • I’ve often wondered about who clicks on my face when I pop up in the “who’s online” section. To answer your question though about attractive guys, it really just depends. If I saw someone who looked attractive, I’d probably click. It’s human. But more often than not, if I DO click on someone’s bloglog photo, it’s usually something that just simply draws my interest.

  • Oh well..I did get a female write to me on MBL that I looked ‘handsome’..Din’t take me long to realize that the guy wanted me to link to

  • I girl dressed like a guy pretending to be a girl.

  • Well……i think is does apply just depending on the girl. I check out cute guys profiles just because im curiouse. Just the same as you want to see what is on their blog i like to see what they write about and their other pics, so i dont think it is just guys who do it, girls are guilty too!

  • Some folks will do anything to get link. I love it.

  • Yes yes well the more i look and want to be a girl the more i do realize that being a girl is the pnly and best way to be and i am trying to find a real way to become the girl i am suppose to be i will not rest until i am a girl ther eis nothing wrong with wanting and being a girl!

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